eBay Credit Card Review

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eBay Credit Card Review

If you’re an eBay seller or consumer, you might have stumbled upon the eBay Credit Card and also ask yourself if it’s a worthwhile card to lug. Good news – if you’re a serious eBay customer, this card can be a wonderful possession. The eBay Credit Card has a $0 annual cost and benefits program focused on eBay shopping. Nonetheless, you must likewise remember this card is scheduled for PayPal account holders- so you’ll either need to have an existing account or open up a free account to apply for this card.

eBay Credit Card with Extras Mastercard
eBay Credit Card with Extras Mastercard

In this review, we’ll review that might benefit from the eBay Credit Card and also contrast it to the comparable PayPal Extras Mastercard ®.

Who the eBay Credit Card is best for

Active PayPal account owners who typically spend on eBay can see the most take advantage of the eBay Credit Card. You earn 3 factors per $1 on eBay purchases, 2 factors per $1 on gas, dining establishments, as well as groceries, as well as 1 factor per $1 on other purchases, which is greater than a flat-rate bank card.

Yet if you don’t actually spend on eBay, this card does not offer the best value for incentives – its day-to-day purchase benefits price is poor at 1 point per buck invested and you can gain even more benefits in gas, dining, and also grocery store categories by using other cards. Also, if you don’t intend to open up a PayPal account, clearly this isn’t a card for you as well as you need to take a look at alternative cashback or benefits cards instead.

What we such as regarding the eBay Credit Card

The eBay Credit Card offers an above typical benefits rate for eBay spending with 3 points per $1 on eBay purchases, 2 points per $1 on gas, dining establishments, and groceries, and also 1 factor per $1 on other purchases. Considering that eBay is seldom a benefit group with a lot of various other cards, this awards rate can aid you optimize rewards on the website contrasted to utilizing a general-purpose card, specifically given that the eBay Credit Card has a $0 annual cost.

eBay Credit Card benefits
eBay Credit Card benefits

If you use PayPal’s services, you may take advantage of the PayPal Money redemption option provided by the eBay Credit Card. Your eBay Mastercard ® account as well as PayPal account are linked, so points can be retrieved for money back into your PayPal equilibrium.

Benefits breakdown of eBay Credit Card

Cardholders gain 3 factors per $1 on eBay purchases, 2 factors per $1 on gas, restaurants, and also grocery stores, and 1 factor per $1 on various other acquisitions. This is a great price for eBay purchases and also an ordinary rate for gas, dining, as well as groceries; or else, it’s not the very best for purchases outside those groups. You can find other flat-rate cashback or benefits cards that offer a constant 2% or 2 points per buck invested in all acquisitions, as well as cards offering high rewards rates in pick groups, like traveling or grocery store.

What to keep an eye out for eBay Credit Card

The eBay Credit Card has a relatively high APR series of 22.24%, 26.24% or 29.64% Variable. That’s compared to general-purpose cards from the significant financial institutions, which usually start their minimal APRs in the mid-teens. If you bring an equilibrium month to month, this can create you to rack up pricey interest fees. Nevertheless, the APR shouldn’t be a significant making a decision aspect if you exercise accountable credit habits and also pay each costs on schedule as well as in full on a monthly basis– that way you will not have to fret about high rate of interest charges.

If you occur to acquire financial debt on the eBay Credit Card, you can constantly think about an equilibrium transfer. There are a lot of equilibrium transfer cards supplying intro 0% APR durations as much as 21 months that can supply you the required time to repay debt without building up interest.

Contrast eBay Credit Card to the PayPal Extras Mastercard

If you have a PayPal account, you may recognize the PayPal Extras Mastercard ®. This card is rather comparable to the eBay Credit Card – yet the benefits and also new cardmember offer differ.

The eBay Credit Card lets cardholders gain incentives mostly tailored to eBay purchases with 3 factors per $1 on eBay acquisitions, 2 points per $1 on gas, restaurants, as well as groceries, and 1 factor per $1 on various other acquisitions. That’s contrasted to the PayPal Extras Mastercard ® with rewards focusing much more on gas as well as restaurant acquisitions – cardholders gain 3 points per $1 invested in gas as well as dining establishment purchases, 2 points per $1 invested in PayPal as well as eBay purchases, and also 1 point per $1 invested in other purchases. So, if you desire a card that earns you extra on eBay spending, consider the eBay Mastercard ®. However if you don’t shop at eBay and instead are seeking gas and eating incentives, the PayPal Extras Mastercard ® is the better selection.

An additional difference between the cards is whether they use a brand-new cardmember offer or not. The eBay Credit Card does by permitting cardholders to N/A Meanwhile, the PayPal Extras Mastercard ® has no brand-new cardmember deal. While you should not select a card only on perks, it’s nonetheless a great perk.

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