Ann Taylor Credit Card: Only Helpful For an Ann Taylor Followers

Ann Taylor Credit Card

Ann Taylor Credit Card: Only Helpful For an Ann Taylor Followers

Just like numerous merchants, style merchant Ann Taylor has its very own fondness credit card – the Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard. If you’re an Ann Taylor fan, the card’s possibly not a bad offer as a result of the exclusive advantage it offers.
Yet if for the typical credit-card consumer, there are far better cards with far much better benefits for you to think about.

Ann Taylor Credit Card: The Perks as well as Features

The Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard is a little bit like a typical retail charge card – believe: an old Sears credit card– incorporated with a modern, rewards-based credit card.

By that, I imply that for an Ann Taylor customer, the Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard offers a specific set of benefits that, like a fondness charge card, specify just to shops under numerous Ann Taylor brand names: Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Manufacturing facility Store,, LOFT, LOFT SPACE Outlet,, Lou & Grey and

 Ann Taylor Credit Card Perks
Ann Taylor Credit Card Perks

Yet, unlike an affinity credit card, the Ann Taylor Mastercard likewise offers incentive factors for various other, everyday purchases such as food, gas, entertainment, and so on

Ann Taylor Credit Card gives you:

  • A $20 incentives card after making one acquisition that isn’t at any one of the Ann Taylor brand names.
  • 5 incentive points for every dollar invested online or in-store at any one of the Ann Taylor brand names.
  • 2 reward points for every dollar invested in gas as well as groceries.
  • 1 reward point for ever buck spent somewhere else beyond Ann Taylor brand names.
  • $ 20 reward card for each 2,000 reward points gained.
  • $ 15 birthday present throughout your birthday celebration month.
  • 15% off your entire acquisition online or in-store at specific Ann Taylor brands on the first.

No yearly charge

Tuesday of every month, which you can integrate will certainly all other in-store promotions.

Free shipping on orders of $75

  • 15% off your initial acquisition when opening up the card and also utilizing it the very first time.
  • Early access to events as well as sales at Ann Taylor brands.
  • What to Know Before Making An Application For Ann Taylor Credit Card
  • Primarily: You need to be mindful that the points you gather expire year from the date they appear in your account, if you haven’t converted them right into benefit certifications.

Each certificate, on the other hand, expires 90 days after being issued.

That suggests you require to be hypervigilant with this Ann Taylor credit card – or else, the factors you gather will vanish. To me, that right there makes this card a no-go.

There are many credit cards these days where your incentive factors don’t expire– for instance: Resources One Venture or Chase Freedom Unlimited– I see minimal factor to have a card where they do expire.

Keep in mind, as well, that the Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard enforces a 3% foreign deal charge. If you don’t take a trip as well as never order anything from overseas, then this is immaterial. However if you travel outside the UNITED STATE, a 3% additional charge on everything from airline tickets to resorts to dishes, souvenirs as well as excursions will certainly add a lot additional costs that it will wipe out a lot of the monetary benefit you receive from your $20 certificates and also various other advantages you earn with the Ann Taylor Mastercard.

 Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard
Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard

Also, those $20 certificates for every single 2,000 factors … well if all your spending happens at Ann Taylor, after that you will certainly invest $400 to earn that certification, the matching of a 5% money back bonus.

Yet if the majority of your investing gets on gas, grocery stores and also various other items, then you’ll need to spend, at minimum $1,000 and likely even more to gain the certification, which is at ideal a 2% money back perk– and you can do better with a rash of cards including:

Resources One Savor: 4% cash back on dining as well as home entertainment; 2% groceries; 1% every little thing else … as well as $300 when you spend $3,000 in 3 months;

Blue Cash Preferred from American Express: 6% cash money back at grocery stores; 3% gas stations and also transport; 1% everything else … as well as $250 declaration credit after spending $1,000 in 3 months;

Credit Report Required to Get an Ann Taylor Credit Card

This is an easy card to obtain. You need “great” credit, so any credit score over concerning 670 must obtain you accepted.

Alternate Cards Based on Your Credit Rating
If you have “reasonable” or “negative” credit– in the 300 to 669 variety– after that you will likely be turned down for the Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard

If so, take into consideration the Resources One Platinum card, which is created for customers with bad credit or no credit report. It’s a no-frills card with no annual charge. It also offers no reward factors, miles or cash money back. But with a weak credit report or no credit rating, you’re more curious about restoring your credit, not gathering factors as well as miles.

If you have a credit report solid sufficient to get the Ann Taylor, after that I would suggest you look for cards that supply better rewards, rewards, and also rewards.

Again, I’ll point to Resources One Savor, right here. With 4% cash money back on eating and home entertainment, and 2% on grocery stores, you’re likely to develop a better build-up of cash back than you will make in reward points on the Ann Taylor card– unless you are extremely heavy and also constant spender on clothes from the Ann Taylor brand names.

I’ll additionally point to the Citi Dual Money card again. It’s just a basic deal: 2% cash money back … 1% when you buy, and also 1% when you pay your credit card statement. You do not need to take note of where your shopping, or if it’s the first Tuesday or the third Thursday of the month or whatever. It’s just a straightforward, pure money back card without any yearly charge.

Cards That Deal Better Benefits than Ann Taylor Comenity Mastercard.
Statistically, the average US home spends concerning $1,800 a year on garments. Realistically, no customer is likely to invest every single buck of her apparel budget plan at one of Ann Taylor’s brand names.

For that reason, it merely makes more sense to own a credit card that offers you extra well-rounded advantages. Right here, I will point to the Financial institution of America Cash money Incentives credit card.

It offers 3% cash money back on approximately $2,500 in costs each calendar quarter on gas or your choice of among five other costs classifications, consisting of on the internet shopping.

That’s much less than the 5% at Ann Taylor, however once again, how much of your clothes spending in fact takes place at Ann Taylor? I would certainly bet 3% cash back on all on the internet clothes acquisitions each quarter will likely top 5% made on a limited quantity of costs at Ann Taylor.

Bank of America Cash benefits will certainly additionally give you the very same 2% cash back on grocery stores and also 1% on every little thing else. And also, you’ll get a $200 cash perk after investing $1,000 in the initial 3 months.

Should you Get the Ann Taylor Credit Card?

I’ll state this: If Ann Taylor is your fashion style and also you invest a lot of your clothes bucks there, after that the Ann Taylor credit card is possibly a decent option for you. Early access to Ann Taylor events and sales is compelling to a specific sector of the clothes-buying populace. The 5 Perfect Benefits factors you earn per buck spent will certainly build up, as well as the 15% off your whole acquisition will save your money– as long as you remember to shop on the first Tuesday of the month.

But for the majority of credit-card customers I would certainly call the Ann Taylor card a clear-cut “pass.” It’s a very limited brand-affinity card with lackluster benefits beyond Ann Taylor purchases. You can collect far better benefits for your day-to-day spending with а a lot more well-rounded card.

I do not know this for sure, but I would certainly bet the majority of the signups for the Ann Taylor credit card originated from in-store and also online consumers who, in the warmth of the minute at check out, look for a card to a save an instant 15% on their acquisition. Otherwise, I see no engaging factor a consumer would certainly go out of her method to apply for this card– unless, once again, she’s a die-hard Ann Taylor purchaser.

Ann Taylor Credit Card Bottom Line

Whether it’s an American Airlines credit card, one from Residence Depot, or this from Ann Taylor, credit cards today are all about brand loyalty. And that’s fine– a few of the brand-affinity cards provide significant benefit to the credit-card holder faithful to that specific brand.

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