American Express® Serve®

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American Express® Serve®

The Serve card is a prepaid debit card backed by American Express. With the Serve pre paid account you may only spend approximately the amount of cash previously deposited, unless you have actually formerly linked a back-up account.

This card has a $6.95 regular monthly charge unless you route deposit $500 or more each monthly statement duration, or you live in Texas, New York City, or Vermont in which case your fee is $0.

American Express supplies two other Serve pre-paid cards too, the American Express Serve FREE Reloads Card, and also the Serve Money Back. The American Express Serve FREE Reloads has mainly the same features as the Serve, plus free money reloads at over 45,000 locations. The Serve Cash Back has most of the same functions as the Serve, however it likewise uses 1% money back on all acquisitions, a rarity among prepaid cards.

Check your equilibrium online

You can inspect the equilibrium of a Serve card online at any time on the American Express site.

This is not really a charge card!

Bear in mind prepaid cards do not assist you develop credit score since they do not report to the credit bureaus. If you have poor credit as well as would love to build credit rating, a guaranteed card might be a much better option.

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